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Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Posted by:blackjackrocket.
Time:1:59 am.
Damn this place needs more people. The first page alone covers three years!

Anyway, I have probably the best song ever for the Jenova Trio from Advent Children. It's called "Oh Mother Dear" and it's from the yet-unreleased musical Little Demons.

Oh Mother DearCollapse )
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Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Posted by:spazzyangel.
Time:5:50 pm.

Userinfo | Taken/Reserved Characters | Players' Guide | World Hopping Guide | Timeline Apply | OOC community

It has been two years since our heroes have saved the world and evil stirs within the realms of the Final Fantasies again.

He goes by the name of Sverre Soulkeeper. His craving for power took him to great heights... once a scholar, now the ruler of the corrupt realm of Lucentia Underworld. Born with the Godly power of telekinesis, Sverre trained his mind to the point where he could possess a living being, rendering them lifeless and under his control. This power earned him the nickname of Soulkeeper.

The more that he trained his mind, the stronger he became and ultimately turned into the power to control every living being in Lucentia. His immense mind power had turned the once peaceful land of Lucentia into that of the corrupt Lucentia Underworld.

But is there more to this man's tragic past?

Sverre decided that Lucentia wasn't enough to satisfy his lust for power. Using Lucentia's awesome technology, he discovered a rip in the fabric of time that linked several worlds together. So he used his powers to manipulate the gates, deciding it was time to take more...

The power hungry Sverre is harvesting beings; looking for the ultimate warriors to possess. And with each soul that is corrupted by him, another warrior rises and prepares for battle again.

Sverre Soulkeeper has begun his take over... will our most beloved Final Fantasy characters be able to save their worlds from this destruction?

FFs we definitely need characters for:

If you have any questions, feel from to email moonylove@gmail.com or leave a comment in our OOC community. :>
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Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Posted by:jet_loves_juu.
Time:6:08 pm.
E-bay Auction for Final Fantasy VII Video Game (RARE BLACK LABEL EDITION!)

Hey all! More Christmas selling! This is the Final Fantasy VII(7) game, used but in almost mint condition. It is the black label edition, not the Greatest Hits re-release, so it is considerably much rarer! It is missing the game manual, but that's it's only flaw!
Good luck and happy bidding, FF fans!

x_posted everywhere
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Saturday, June 10th, 2006

Posted by:lucid_passion.
Time:4:28 pm.

//Masquerades + Illusions --> and FACADES -:¦:-


Click on the link for more information on plot, rules, and how to apply.

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Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Subject:PAIXAO [ rpg ] seeking players
Posted by:argentum_basium.
Time:12:54 pm.


Strange things are happening.Collapse )

Well, I don't know about all of that, but... hello, my name is Kadaj. I'll dispense with the formalities and get to the point now: in Paixao, I have caught no hint of the presence of my brothers... the traitor is around, but as for Yazoo and Loz? Gone. I'm very displeased-- but, I suppose, they must have good reasons for going missing. Surprisingly, Mother is here, and if only they too were around, nothing would stand in the way of the Reunion.

Or, at least, that was the plan. Unfortunately, I have been... inconvenienced, by one of the people in charge of this place, a man by the name of Axel. For the purpose of advertising, I have been allowed some form of free reign, but... well, there's not much I can do about that. Yet. If you encounter me in the game, you'll find things are rather different, and as for how that came about, I'd rather not think about it. Just apply and find out for yourself. And please... do consider Yazoo and Loz? Mother needs us, and without me there to do as she commands, nothing will get accomplished. Do it.

... Oh, and I suppose if you absolutely have to apply for one of the traitor's friends, there are some of those available as well... not many, but who cares anyway? Apply. Now.
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Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Posted by:spazzyangel.
Time:11:05 pm.

userinfo ; city info ; FAQ/guide ; application ; character list ; ooc comm

Jenova is a city in an alternate universe. In a world that's a perfect mix of our earth, and the worlds of each Final Fantasy. Here, all of your favorite characters (and a few you may love to hate) coexist, completely oblivious as to the life of their alternate self.

This RP is about their lives in the city of Jenova. Some of them are in high school, some are in college, some are working for a living... but they all have a story that needs to be told.

Friendly Moderators as well as members! And we're brand new. Final Fantasy IV through X-2 and Kingdom Hearts is accepted (this includes tactics, tactics advance, & advent children), so please think about joining! All the links you would need are in the mod journal (jenovamods).

If you have any questions, feel free to email moonylove@gmail.com or drop us a line at the ooc community. :) Hope to see you there!
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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Posted by:ysagiri.
Time:8:37 am.

Title: gilgameshcity
Series: Final Fantasy 7-10, Kingdom Hearts
Genre: Crossover, alternate universe
Format: Journals, open rp, aim, chat.
Rating: Mature

More information.Collapse )
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Saturday, January 14th, 2006

Posted by:sirithre.
Time:8:17 pm.
Mood: artistic.
Hello, new here.

Been lurking for a bit, but thought I'd introduce myself.
And what better way, than with a project I just finished.

KefkaCollapse )
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Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

Posted by:towel_dried.
Time:4:04 pm.

WHITE NIGHT: A Kingdom Hearts Crossover RPG


Warning: This game is post-Chain of Memories but is by no means based on it. However, there are Chain of Memories spoilers are behind the cut!

Somewhere, tucked away in a world few knew existed, an anonymous being followed in Ansem's footsteps...Collapse )

White Night is a Kingdom Hearts crossover RPG that is settled on LiveJournal. The play style is mostly done in a third-person writing, along with the journaling system to aid plot and such. It takes place directly after Chain of Memories. It covers many fandoms; characters from any video game and any movie may apply for the game, though the main concentration is on Final Fantasy, Disney or things in a similar vein, since that is KH canon. However, all series, etc. are welcome to join in! We feel that KH is an excellent crossover and would like to expand on the concept, and encourage people to be creative.

The game has been in the works for many, many weeks, and lots of love, time and patience has gone into it. It was created by, naturally, a pair of die-hard Kingdom Hearts (as well as several other series) fans who have been roleplaying and running games for many years. We'd like to extend an invitation to everyone who shares our passion for that game, for roleplaying, and whatever other fandom strikes one's fancy; it is our personal goal to make this one of our best and most fun games yet. :)

If you are interested in joining White Night, please visit the userinfo page for more indepth information and guidelines!

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Thursday, August 5th, 2004

Posted by:ff_charbattle.
Time:4:08 am.
X-posted waay too much...Collapse )
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Sunday, August 1st, 2004

Posted by:argh4itchytasty.
Time:6:26 pm.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Japanese site, but it's fairly easy to navigate. Trailer's in English for us Japanese-impaired.
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Saturday, July 24th, 2004

Posted by:wheresthevash.
Time:2:45 am.
Mood: content.
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Thursday, July 15th, 2004

Subject:Ich bin Neu!
Posted by:_chewy.
Time:2:27 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
I've always been a fan of Final Fantasy Villians I dunno why o_o It shall remain a Mystery I guess. I suppose i'll just list my favorite villians in order! ^_^

1. Reno
2. Kefka
3. Sephiroth
4. Edea
5. Kuja

You know I could take the time to list every FF Villian ever in a very lengthy list.. but Im just far too lazy @_@; Anyway.

How is everyone XD

I also thought I would share my friend Claire's Reno RP journal She's pretty awesome ( I must admit her Layout pwns... only cause I made it... <.<; >.>; ) If you're a Reno fan you can visit it here. ( vindictive_turk ). She RPs her journals solo, its kinda annoying :/ I wanna RP with her. Maybe if we all annoy her.. n.n yeah ahahaha ok, Im done.

I hope to get some of you well, if you want you can go ahead and add me to your friends list on LJ, s'all good.

<3 Chewy
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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004

Posted by:anglepoiselamp.
Time:1:06 am.
Mood: giggly.
Wheee! Yet more Kefka art. I usually get tired of drawing the same thing pretty quickly, but with Kefka it's so easy to create new variations of his clothes and even facial features.

Behold his royal highness!Collapse )

And now those who haven't done so yet, should go and join cult_of_kefka. ;)

X-posted in more places than is healthy. I quess I could pretend to be sorry. :P
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Saturday, March 27th, 2004

Posted by:beautifulbarret.
Time:5:40 pm.
Mood: calm.
Transferring a comment I left on someone’s post to any actual post;

Hojo and Kuja rock socks.
… and Jenova is my love slave. **slap**

And that is all.
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Posted by:renocicilia.
Time:3:14 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Er..I'm new the community *waves*. Er, I guess I'll start with my favorite villians?
1. Rufus Shinra.
2. Reno of the Turks.
3. Tseng of the Turks.
4. Rude of the Turks.
5. Hojo. (^.^';; *dodges bricks* O.o';;;)
6. Seifer.
7. Edea.
8. Ultimecia. (*dodges a second round of bricks* O.o';;;)
9. Kuja. O.o.
10. Reeve.
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Monday, March 15th, 2004

Posted by:shinra_turk.
Time:7:05 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Hey, I'mnew here. My favorite villans would have to be (In no particular order):

1 Rufus Shinra
2 Reeve (Would he be considered a 'villan'?)
3 Seifer
4 Sephiroth
5 Kuja
6 The Turks / TARX (Reno, Rude, Tseng and Elena)
7 Hojo
8 Vormav
9 Ajora
10 Bleh, I loved all of the FFT villans... Except Barintin. He can burn in the eternal fires of Heck. :)

Oh, and I hated all of the ones from X and X-2. Sorry >_
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Sunday, March 7th, 2004

Posted by:anglepoiselamp.
Time:11:18 pm.
Mood: happy.
Ahem. Ladies and gentlecreatures.

May I have your attention for a little moment and plug a new evil FF community - cult_of_kefka. The name should make it's purpose pretty self-explanatory. :D

Kefka is so underappreciated, and oh so loveably insane. Join now! The power of the psychotic tranny clown compels you!

X-posted in places, terribly sorry if someone got spammed.
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Friday, January 30th, 2004

Subject:Drunken Missions
Posted by:ealinesse.
Time:6:35 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Hey there! I just finished a new fic. The link is below, because it's probably way too big to post to this list. Please tell me what you think, or post a review. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Drunken Missions
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Saturday, January 24th, 2004

Subject:Does not hurt to ask
Posted by:meerkatlady.
Time:3:14 pm.
But I really need a Kuja in my rpg. Anyone here want to play him? If so comment and I will give you the link.
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LiveJournal for Final Fantasy Villains.

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