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Ich bin Neu!

I've always been a fan of Final Fantasy Villians I dunno why o_o It shall remain a Mystery I guess. I suppose i'll just list my favorite villians in order! ^_^

1. Reno
2. Kefka
3. Sephiroth
4. Edea
5. Kuja

You know I could take the time to list every FF Villian ever in a very lengthy list.. but Im just far too lazy @_@; Anyway.

How is everyone XD

I also thought I would share my friend Claire's Reno RP journal She's pretty awesome ( I must admit her Layout pwns... only cause I made it... <.<; >.>; ) If you're a Reno fan you can visit it here. ( vindictive_turk ). She RPs her journals solo, its kinda annoying :/ I wanna RP with her. Maybe if we all annoy her.. n.n yeah ahahaha ok, Im done.

I hope to get some of you well, if you want you can go ahead and add me to your friends list on LJ, s'all good.

<3 Chewy
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