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Title: gilgameshcity
Series: Final Fantasy 7-10, Kingdom Hearts
Genre: Crossover, alternate universe
Format: Journals, open rp, aim, chat.
Rating: Mature

Specifics: Looking for players to come join us in this newly opening game that will be very indepth and strong. We hope to have the plot be intense but still leave a lot of room for people to build thier characters. Looking for well commited players and good writeres!
Description: Welcome to Gilgamesh City. A grand lavish city of pride. Enjoy our warm weather and friendly people. This is always the place to be.

But nothing is what it seems. The city is plagued with many problems, both economically and physically. The country is at war with the neighboring country, so many strong people, parents and youth are being sent to the front line to fight. The city is left to almost shambles from citizen riots and battles in the streets. Many children are left with no place to sleep or hide from the rain.

There is no power. This world is set in a planet and time frame stuck in times like the dark ages or medieval era. The most widely used transportation system is by horse or Chocobo and carriage, but of course only by the ones who can afford it. Weapons are simple, yet efficient and strong. Swords, crossbows, and any other weapon that will fit in with this era. The warmth within the homes are fires, the medical care old herbs and dried out remedies.

At night time, it always rains. No one understands it, but as the sun falls everyone knows to gain quick shelter in order to stay warm and dry. Some are not as fortunate as the others, for they must huddle together to stay out of the cold pattering rain at night time. Luckily, when the sun is up, the rain dries quickly and the people rush out to greet the day and get things done before the rain falls once again.

The city roads seem to stretch for so long, the paths swerving this way and that. The dead ends are irritating to the people passing by this cold city, the paths almost a maze of roads. The buildings are old and cracked, walls of stone and wood almost falling apart. Window panes are often smashed, with wooden boards trying to block out the cold of the long chilly nights.

There is one magic in this city. A system of magic that everyone seems to gather together. It's the only form of magic in the world, but widely used for communication. Each person within the city is assigned a mind journal, whether they be the poorest of the poor or the most richest man in the city. These systems are contained with in the persons head, thoughts, memories and messages locked away but only can be used and harnessed from the devices around the city. One would place their hand upon it, and fall into a trance, being able to write things instantly, and also read what others around the same area as you has written.

Other: We are still under some slight constuction with maps and place desciptions. Will be opening soon, so come try out.
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